About Us

Since 1997, nonsurgical cosmetic procedures have increased by 461%. Currently, the medical aesthetic market is a 16-billion-dollar industry that has grown 123% just in the last decade.

More than 17.7 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States in 2019, with an increasing trend seen in body-shaping procedures, according to a report published online March 11 by the American Society of
Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The number of surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2019 represents a 3 percent increase from 2019 in total cosmetic procedures. There were 1.8 million cosmetic surgical procedures in 2019, up 1 percent from 2018. The top five cosmetic procedures were breast augmentation (up 4 percent), liposuction (up 5 percent), rhinoplasty (down 2 percent), eyelid surgery (down 1 percent), and tummy tuck (no change).

Overall, there were 15.9 million minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed in 2019 (up 2 percent), with the top five being Botulinum toxin type A (up 3 percent), soft tissue fillers (up 2 percent), chemical peel (up 1 percent), laser hair removal (up 1 percent), and microdermabrasion (up 2 percent). The Elite Aesthetic Institute ( E.A.I.) deals with training in aesthetic medicine at 360 degrees. In our school it ranges from basic courses for Botox and fillers to more complex and complete courses.

The EAI goal is to offer comprehensive, hands-on training programs so attendees can succeed in today’s thriving field of aesthetic medicine, laser technology and advanced anti-aging therapy. Special attention is paid to regenerative medicine aimed at obtaining natural and long-lasting results.

Our school is aimed at all those professional figures interested in growing and perfecting
their professional skills.

  • Cosmetic Physicians
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Aesthetic nurses
  • Cosmetic Injector
  • Med Spa Owners
  • Laser Hair Reduction Technicians
  • Laser Tattoo Reduction Specialists
The school is organized for complete courses for those who have no experience in basic aesthetic medicine treatments. With full-time courses in two weeks you will have the ability to start treating your customers confidently. Special attention is paid to hands-on live courses where providers in addition to learning the most suitable theory and techniques by personally treating patients to acquire skills and safety.

For more experienced people or for those who want to stay updated on new techniques, instruments or possible combined techniques, the school organizes regular Webinars. During the Webinar, after a theoretical part always follows a live session where it is shown to the providers how to apply the theory.

Our school is organized like an academy where, once you have joined the project, you have the opportunity to update yourself live and remotely. Depending on the profile chosen, you can access different sections in our portal with the possibility to follow and download free material from our library. The Elite Aesthetic Institute is located in Boston, Massachusetts, in an easily accessible location for those coming from outside, with the most modern technological assistance.

Thanks to the best equipment, lasers and products in the world available to them, students acquire real skills combined with clinical observation and practical training in this state of the art training facility. Upon request, the school organizes private training at the provider’s clinic. Once the expert teacher in the treatment requested by the provider has been programmed, the school organizes a full day where, after an introductory theoretical part, the practical part on the provider's patients is carried out.

A variety of professional instructors teach in our school, ranging from plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetic nurses, certified laser specialists, skin care consultants, and marketing veterans. Different expert instructors teach each portion of our program, giving students the learning experience and the chance to absorb theory and practice from a diverse range of the industries finest. Whether you are considering a complete career change towards the skin and beauty industry, an aesthetician or cosmetologist looking to expand your services or a medical professional looking to add laser and cosmetic injections to your practice, Call +1 781 365 1561 to speak with a career advisor today.