You Need To Be Offering The Vampire Facelift At Your Med Spa!

If you are a budding med spa and are looking for other innovative procedures to add into your repertoire, the vampire facelift may be for your business and clientele. Here at Elite Aesthetics Institute, we provide the training and tools you need to perform the next big beauty trend efficiently and skillfully.

What Is The Procedure?

The Vampire Facelift combines PRP (platelet-rich plasma) with hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm, and with this unipotent stem cell process, creates a customized designer procedure that reduces the signs of aging in your patients. The hyaluronic acid fillers are injected first, to establish a good shape of the face. You, as the qualified PRP provider or physician will isolate the growth factors from the client’s blood, then inject these growth factors into the facial skin. This will stimulate the potent stem cells to start creating new tissue, which contains collagen and new fat which will plump the skin. This procedure has immediate and lasting results, and your client will only see the benefits continue. This procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical, meaning your client will get the star treatment and be able to go back to their normal routine quickly and easily. The results typically last about one year, but some clients have seen results going into the two year mark as well. If your client wants to continue with those benefits without interruption or for those effects to improve even more, they can safely receive the facelift every six months. This can keep those positive results for your client in a more maintenance regulation, while also helping the client’s collagen production stay high or even increase.  

Learning The Vampire Facelift

Here at Elite Aesthetics, we know how important it is to offer the best in cutting edge beauty procedures. We also know how crucial it is to have the best formal training on these processes in order for you to succeed and provide lasting results for your clients. That’s why we teach many different beauty procedures and surgeries, including the vampire facelift. The aim of our course is to show the proven results and advantages of using PRP in aesthetic medicine. Our course evaluates PRP and growth factors for all it’s practical applications, along with the best process in obtaining a high-quality product that will provide natural and longer-lasting results for your clients. We will provide theoretical and practical demonstrations of the vampire facelift, vampire breast lift, P Shot and O Shot procedures. You will have the opportunity to treat some of the patients during the training. The course will also analyze the possibility of combining the procedures learned with other surgeries, such as Threads or exosomes, preparing you for whatever your client may need. All the foreseen materials you will need for the course will be provided by Elite Aesthetics Institute, along with a copy of the Powerpoint presentation, models for informed consent, post-care treatment for your clients, and proposals for protocols. 

Why Choose Elite Aesthetics Institute?

Our goal is to offer comprehensive, hands-on training that helps you learn the skills it takes to perform these procedures skillfully and successfully. We want to see you build and grow your own facility, whether it be a med spa or clinic. The fields of aesthetic medicine, laser technology, and advanced anti-aging therapy are only growing, and becoming more technologically advanced at a faster pace. Whether you are starting out on your cosmetic surgery journey or looking for refreshers and continuing education, Elite Aesthetics Institute offers you the latest and most comprehensive coursework available.  

Our school is geared towards the professionals looking to grow or perfect their skills, including cosmetic physicians, plastic surgeons, med spa owners, aesthetic nurses, and laser hair and tattoo reduction specialists. We highlight the importance of regenerative medicine in today’s world for it’s simple yet highly effective treatments and results, and it’s multi-functional capabilities for a wide range of cosmetic procedures. We have a wide variety of instructors in different fields, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aesthetic nurses, certified laser specialists, skin care consultants and marketing veterans. 

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Ready to begin your career in cosmetic surgery? Elite Aesthetics Institute teaches you the real skills required combined with the clinical observation and basic training you need to succeed. Teaching anything from Botox to the vampire facelift, we have the courses you require to make your profession strong and successful. Call us today! 

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